Here you can find a collection of links to various websites regarding shallow landslides. Besides general information on landslides, image- and video-material, relevant blogs are listed (mostly in German)... New contributions are highly welcome!
> General C3S-ISLS Project-Homepage BfW - Landslides and debris flows (AT) BMLFUW - Natural-hazards-portal (AT) BAFU - General information on landslides (CH) PLANAT - Landslides and Rockfall (CH) WSL - Shallow landslides and debris flows (CH) Waldwissen - Information for forest applications (AT-CH-D) IRPI - Precipitation thresholds (IT) Comprehensive material on landslides (Dr. Martin Mergili; AT) Landslide-inventory Rheinland-Pfalz (D) USGS Landslide Hazard Program (US) Landslides in the US Landslide & Slope Instability Geohazards (UK)
> Blogs
AGU Landslide Blog Landslide Blog Landslide Risk inside the debris flow geotechpedia Prof. Dave Petley, Univ. Durham Prof. Dave Petley, Univ. Durham Prof. Michele Cavello, Univ. Salerno Paloma Paleo geotechpedia
> Images PLANAT - Imagery material regarding natural hazards (CH) BMLV - Measures against landslides (AT)
> Videos Video-Gallery IGF (AT) Preventional effects of forests (FR) Landslide L371 between Fernitz and Mellach (AT) Documentation of the landslide in Gondo (CH)
> Glossary Glossar - Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt (D)

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