Here you can find a collection of links to various websites regarding shallow landslides. Besides general information on landslides, image- and video-material, relevant blogs are listed (mostly in German)…

New contributions are highly welcome!

> General
C3S-ISLS Project-Homepage
BfW – Landslides and debris flows (AT)
BMLFUW – Natural-hazards-portal (AT)
BAFU – General information on landslides (CH)
PLANAT – Landslides and Rockfall (CH)
WSL – Shallow landslides and debris flows (CH)
Waldwissen – Information for forest applications (AT-CH-D)
IRPI – Precipitation thresholds (IT)
Comprehensive material on landslides (Dr. Martin Mergili; AT)
Landslide-inventory Rheinland-Pfalz (D)
USGS Landslide Hazard Program (US)
Landslides in the US
Landslide & Slope Instability Geohazards (UK)
> Blogs
AGU Landslide Blog
Landslide Blog
Landslide Risk
inside the debris flow
Prof. Dave Petley, Univ. Durham
Prof. Dave Petley, Univ. Durham
Prof. Michele Cavello, Univ. Salerno
Paloma Paleo
> Images
PLANAT – Imagery material regarding natural hazards (CH)
BMLV – Measures against landslides (AT)
> Videos
Video-Gallery IGF (AT)
Preventional effects of forests (FR)
Landslide L371 between Fernitz and Mellach (AT)
Documentation of the landslide in Gondo (CH)
> Glossary
Glossar – Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt (D)

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